Common Health Question


Will the NHS pay for my long-term care?
Friday 12:09PM, 2017-12-22
Can I give my baby soya-based infant formula?
Thursday 12:36PM, 2017-12-21
Can I eat and drink before having a blood test?
Wednesday 09:36AM, 2017-12-20
Can rubella (german measles) harm my baby during pregnancy?
Tuesday 03:55PM, 2017-12-19
Can I speak to a GP about someone else's health?
Monday 03:00PM, 2017-12-18
How much sugar is good for me?
Tuesday 04:40PM, 2017-12-12
What should I do immediately after a sexual assault or rape?
Tuesday 04:26PM, 2017-12-12
Can genital HPV infection be tested for?
Tuesday 04:09PM, 2017-12-12
What is the placenta?
Tuesday 03:39PM, 2017-12-12
What if my NHS dental treatment goes wrong?
Thursday 08:42AM, 2017-11-30
What is NHS-funded nursing care?
Wednesday 04:27PM, 2017-11-29
How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?
Wednesday 04:25PM, 2017-11-29
What is the glycaemic index (GI)?
Wednesday 04:23PM, 2017-11-29
Can post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) stop me getting HIV?
Wednesday 04:21PM, 2017-11-29
What are NHS dentures, bridges and veneers made of?
Wednesday 03:50PM, 2017-11-29