Common Health Question

What should I do if I injure myself with a used needle?
Thursday 12:54PM, 2017-11-09
How long should I wear compression stockings to improve my circulation?
Tuesday 10:00AM, 2017-10-10
How do I know if I've broken a bone?
Monday 01:12PM, 2017-06-19
How should I dispose of used needles or sharps?
Thursday 02:53PM, 2017-06-08
How do I apply plasters and other dressings?
Thursday 02:48PM, 2017-06-08
When can I fly after surgery?
Thursday 01:50PM, 2017-06-08
How do I apply a bandage?
Wednesday 08:05AM, 2017-05-10
Does my cut need stitches?
Friday 08:24AM, 2017-05-05
How should I care for my stitches?
Wednesday 01:30PM, 2017-04-19
Can I get my stitches (sutures) wet in the bath or shower?
Wednesday 01:24PM, 2017-04-19
What is a fever (high temperature) in children?
Tuesday 10:19AM, 2017-03-21
What should I do if someone is choking?
Thursday 04:21PM, 2017-02-16
What should I do if I have discharge from my piercing?
Monday 11:07AM, 2017-02-06
Is it better to have a bath or shower after surgery?
Tuesday 11:19AM, 2016-12-13
How soon can I go swimming after surgery?
Tuesday 11:17AM, 2016-12-13