Common Health Question

Can I give my baby soya-based infant formula?
Thursday 12:36PM, 2017-12-21
How many calories does a child of 7-10 need?
Wednesday 03:47PM, 2017-11-29
Can I stay with my child in hospital?
Wednesday 10:15AM, 2017-11-29
Can my baby go swimming before or after vaccinations?
Wednesday 10:12AM, 2017-11-29
When can I give Quorn to my baby?
Thursday 02:40PM, 2017-09-14
Can I take my baby on an aeroplane?
Tuesday 03:23PM, 2017-08-15
How much salt do babies and children need?
Tuesday 08:37AM, 2017-08-15
Are sunbeds safe?
Monday 12:27PM, 2017-07-17
If my child has a fever, can I give them paracetamol and ibuprofen at the same time?
Tuesday 05:57AM, 2017-06-13
My baby has oral thrush. Can it affect me if I'm breastfeeding?
Thursday 02:28PM, 2017-06-08
When should I start giving my baby solids (weaning)?
Thursday 01:52PM, 2017-06-08
What is a fever (high temperature) in children?
Tuesday 10:19AM, 2017-03-21
What should I do if I think my baby is allergic or intolerant to cows' milk?
Wednesday 04:31PM, 2017-03-01
What age can children buy over-the-counter (OTC) medicines?
Tuesday 02:27PM, 2017-01-03
What if I forget to remove my tampon?
Tuesday 11:22AM, 2016-12-13