Common Health Question

How should I collect and store a stool (faeces) sample?
Wednesday 03:48PM, 2017-11-29
What are the risks of MRSA during pregnancy?
Wednesday 10:35AM, 2017-11-29
Can a hospital patient with MRSA infection have visitors?
Wednesday 10:21AM, 2017-11-29
How long do bacteria and viruses live outside the body?
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Do I need a tetanus jab (vaccine) after an accident or injury?
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How long is someone infectious after a viral infection?
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What is a fever (high temperature) in children?
Tuesday 10:19AM, 2017-03-21
How do you catch chickenpox?
Wednesday 03:31PM, 2016-12-07
How are chickenpox and shingles connected?
Wednesday 03:27PM, 2016-12-07
Can I get chickenpox more than once?
Wednesday 03:21PM, 2016-12-07
Can clothes and towels spread germs?
Wednesday 03:18PM, 2016-12-07
What infections can used needles or sharps pass on?
Friday 03:14PM, 2016-12-02
What are the incubation periods for infections?
Tuesday 10:11AM, 2016-11-29
How do I take someone's temperature?
Tuesday 08:04AM, 2016-10-18