Common Health Question

Can I eat and drink before having a blood test?
Wednesday 09:36AM, 2017-12-20
Can I stay with my child in hospital?
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What if my NHS surgery or operation is cancelled at the last minute?
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Can I have a cervical screening test during pregnancy?
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When can I fly after surgery?
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Can I get my stitches (sutures) wet in the bath or shower?
Wednesday 01:24PM, 2017-04-19
Can I eat or drink before an operation?
Wednesday 10:02AM, 2017-04-05
Can I choose where to receive treatment?
Tuesday 12:57PM, 2017-02-14
Can I take medication before having a blood test?
Friday 01:58PM, 2017-02-03
Why should I avoid sexual activity before a PSA test?
Friday 01:55PM, 2017-02-03
Should transgender men have cervical screening tests?
Tuesday 11:32AM, 2017-01-17
Is it better to have a bath or shower after surgery?
Tuesday 11:19AM, 2016-12-13
How soon can I go swimming after surgery?
Tuesday 11:17AM, 2016-12-13
Do I need to change my diet after gallbladder surgery?
Tuesday 11:16AM, 2016-12-13
How long will my stitches (sutures) take to dissolve?
Tuesday 11:07AM, 2016-12-13