Common Health Question

Can I go back to work before the end date on my fit note?
Wednesday 10:41AM, 2017-11-29
Am I entitled to any pregnancy benefits?
Wednesday 10:04AM, 2017-11-29
How long will I be infectious after starting antibiotics?
Monday 01:38PM, 2017-07-31
How long is someone infectious after a viral infection?
Thursday 02:49PM, 2017-06-08
What should I do after contact with someone else's blood or saliva?
Friday 02:28PM, 2016-12-02
What is the risk of infection from someone else’s blood?
Wednesday 03:30PM, 2016-11-30
Do I have to tell my employer about my medical history?
Wednesday 11:26AM, 2016-11-30
When do I need a fit note (formerly sick note)?
Monday 09:36AM, 2016-10-17
Can I get a fit note without seeing my GP?
Monday 09:24AM, 2016-10-17