Common Health Question


How should I collect and store a urine sample?
Wednesday 03:04PM, 2016-09-14
How can I see a GP if I'm away from home?
Wednesday 02:23PM, 2016-09-14
How do I get a second opinion?
Monday 10:46AM, 2016-08-22
Can having an abortion affect my fertility?
Monday 09:37AM, 2016-08-22
Is my baby at risk if I’m pregnant and have diabetes?
Wednesday 10:40AM, 2016-08-10
When can I fly after a heart attack?
Wednesday 09:58AM, 2016-08-03
How can I work out my body mass index (BMI)?
Tuesday 09:17AM, 2016-08-02
Are pregnant women entitled to free NHS prescriptions?
Thursday 09:47AM, 2016-07-28
What is the body mass index (BMI)?
Wednesday 08:31AM, 2016-07-27
Can I take hay fever medicine during pregnancy?
Friday 08:03AM, 2016-06-10