Common Health Question


What are the risks of scarlet fever during pregnancy?
Wednesday 10:27AM, 2017-11-29
Can a hospital patient with MRSA infection have visitors?
Wednesday 10:21AM, 2017-11-29
Can I take anti-malaria medication if I'm pregnant?
Wednesday 10:20AM, 2017-11-29
Which vaccinations are free?
Wednesday 10:15AM, 2017-11-29
Can I stay with my child in hospital?
Wednesday 10:15AM, 2017-11-29
Can my baby go swimming before or after vaccinations?
Wednesday 10:12AM, 2017-11-29
Am I entitled to any pregnancy benefits?
Wednesday 10:04AM, 2017-11-29
Can I use my mobile phone in an NHS hospital?
Wednesday 10:00AM, 2017-11-29
Who is entitled to free NHS dental treatment in England?
Tuesday 11:44AM, 2017-11-28
What are the risks of slapped cheek syndrome during pregnancy?
Thursday 02:56PM, 2017-11-16
How much will I pay for NHS dental treatment?
Wednesday 10:17AM, 2017-11-15
What should I do if I injure myself with a used needle?
Thursday 12:54PM, 2017-11-09
What if my NHS surgery or operation is cancelled at the last minute?
Wednesday 11:43AM, 2017-11-08
Can you become addicted to sex?
Monday 09:19AM, 2017-10-16
How can I avoid food poisoning during pregnancy?
Tuesday 10:05PM, 2017-10-10