Wishing you and your loved ones a Prosperous, Peaceful and Healthy Chinese New Year!
Feb 13, 2018

Wishing you and your loved ones a Prosperous, Peaceful and Healthy Chinese New Year!
from the #doctorDB team

Angstrohm Technologies CEO's interview on AsiaBizToday
Jan 8, 2018

CEO Joanne Seaton, shares her experience and insights as a woman entrepreneur in this interview with AsiaBizToday. Read the full interview here

Season's Greetings from the doctorDB team
Dec 23, 2017

Note from the Founders
Dec 1, 2017

Denis Diderot said, “The best doctor is the one you run to and can’t find.”

In the “dreaming” phase, prior to deciding to set up doctorDB (Angstrohm Technologies) we had clarity of thought on one thing -- that it had to be something meaningful -- something that would help the underprivileged, the needy and the community at large -- while still being financially successful. Health stood out among the basic human needs of Food/Nutrition, Shelter and Education. We chose health because nearly everything in ones’ life depended on good health.

Fast-forward to today and we are very proud that doctorDB is (a)live. In its simplest form, doctorDB allows consumers to find good health -- something that’s not so easy to do even with all (too much!) the information out there on the WWW. And the beauty is that the community evaluates and decides which are the best healthcare providers, products and services.

Many more unique features are planned and will be progressively rolled-out. And we’re going to expand in other countries too. We believe that doctorDB will be a perfect blend of community and commerce. Watch this space!

We think it’s also important for us to convey some important information to you about our values and how we operate: -

We are and will always be neutral

This means that we won’t allow any person or entity to “influence” the ratings of a healthcare provider or the other products and services we will offer. Only the community decides that. Even us, the founders, will not rate healthcare providers. This also means that we will not seek or obtain investment from healthcare, pharmaceutical and insurance companies. We want to be trusted -- and that means us walking the talk.

Charity means charity

We will not retain/charge a commission for our charity features (coming soon!). These features are non-commercial and are very close to our hearts. Also, when we launch these, we will appoint a reputed audit firm to periodically review and publish a governance report.

Privacy & Fairness

To protect both the patients & the healthcare providers, we have implemented a “difficult” sign-up process -- even though it may hurt us. Gaining the trust of the patients, the healthcare providers and the community is paramount for us.

For the greater good

We will share our analytics for free to governments in countries where we operate. If our analytics can help governments improve healthcare services and citizen health, then a part of our mission -- “Good health for all!” -- will be accomplished.

How do we define success?

Saving one life!

That said, we aim to build a financially successful company and develop game-changing products & services in the hope of empowering the community and constantly helping the underprivileged receive essential and life-saving healthcare.

Our journey has just begun.

We know its not going to be easy. But we will do what is hard. We will do what is right. And we will make a positive impact in the communities where we operate.

Wishing you good health always!
Joanne, Arun and Giri

doctorDB featured on FireFlyz magazine
Dec 1, 2017

doctorDB is featured in the December issue of FireFlyz magazine. It’s also available online - check it out here

doctorDB is now live in Singapore!
Nov 30, 2017

After weeks of pushing through, we are happy to announce that we are now (a)live in Singapore!  Make sure you change your location preference to view healthcare providers in Singapore.

Tech In Asia - Jakarta
Nov 1-2, 2017

Co-founders Arun Augustine and Joanne Seaton checked out the start-up scene at Tech In Asia, Jakarta for the first time. Thank you TIA!

Arun Augustine with friend and fellow entrepreneur, Sham

doctorDB is alive!
Sep 28, 2017

doctorDB is now (a)live in Malaysia!
Download it now on the Apple Store & Google Play.
Also available on

Our first patent is now published with PCT
Mar 30, 2017

We’ve taken our first patent a step further by filing an international patent under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty). More details can be found here 

PCT Application No.: PCT/MY2016/000060
Claiming priority from Malaysian Patent Application No. PI 2015703307
Entitled: Comprehensive Healthcare System and Method for Effective Management of Healthcare Services
Filing Date: Sep 21, 2016
Publication Date:Mar 30, 2017

We’ve filed our second patent
Sep 21, 2016

Malaysia Patent Application No PI 2016001708
Applicant : Angstrohm Technologies Sdn Bhd
Patent Title : Internet Based Feedback Management Method and System

#MyUberPitch Experience
Dec 15, 2015

Watch Co-founder, Arun Augustine in action with SAYS head of content, Judith Yeoh. Thanks for voting!

View the article here

Our first patent is filed!
Sep 21, 2015

The Angstrohm Team is proud to announce that we have filed our first Malaysian Patent today.

Patent Application No: PI 2015703307
Patent Title: Comprehensive Healthcare System and Method for Effective Management of Healthcare Services